Administración Pública y Reformas del Sector Público

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25 de julio del 2020
febrero 2021

Prospective applicants must meet all of the following conditions.
(1) (2)
(3) (4)
Citizenship: Be a citizen of the Scholarship Program target country.
Government Nomination: Be officially nominated by their governments.
-Be a government employee. With a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of study
* Exception - Applicants with an ‘international development NGO’ background may apply for the
program with two letter of recommendations: - Your government office; and
- Korean Embassy, world widely known NGO, an UN-associated organizations, or the KOICA Organization within your region.
AGE: (Preferably) Be under age 40 as of February 1, 2020.
Health: Be in good health, both physically and mentally.
- Those with disabilities, but in good mental and physical health, are eligible to apply. - Those with severe illness are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply.
level Educational background.
Level of Education: Have a completed Bachelor Degree or an equivalent to college / university
* Some program have specific qualifications in terms of level of education, and refer to Program Information of each program.
(6) English Proficiency: Have a good command of both spoken and written English in order to take classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and theses in English.
(7) Not be a person who has withdrawn from KOICA’s scholarship program.
* Person belonging to the institution in which candidates submitted false documents and returned to his
/ her country arbitrarily in the middle of SP program cannot apply.
(8) Have not participated in KOICA scholarship program or any of the Korean Government’s
Scholarship Program before.
(9) and other qualifications from university you are going to apply (refer to the Program Information) *(10) Preference: Descendants of Korean War Veterans will be given preference.
- Proof of descendants of Korean War document must be presented in application package.

Program overview
(1) Program Title: Master's Degree Program in Public Management and Public Sector Reforms (2) University: Seoul National University (SNU), Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), (3) Number of Participants: 20 Government Officials
* For more details on the available courses, refer to the Program Information of each course that is available to access in the KOICA website ( English webpage → Menu (Stay connected" → "Notice")


Air Fare, Tuition Fees, Extracurricular Activities, Monthly Allowance, Scholarship Completion Grants, and Insurance

Descripción de la beca: 

All documents should be sent to the regional KOICA office or the relevant government office. 1 KOICA Application Form
2 Recommendation letter from applicants’ governments
3 Document Checklist
4 University Application form with required documents for the university * Refer to Program Information attached
* Important Notes for All Applicants:
- All forms should be typed in English and all the supporting documents should be in English. Documents in any other language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.
- Original documents should be submitted. (If it is unavailable, the originating institution must authorize copies before they are submitted.)
- If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission will be rescinded.
- Applicants whose forms and supporting documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory will be
disqualified from the admission process.
- Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantage due to the mistakes or
omissions on the application.

ONG Patrocinadora: 

Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Corea (KOICA)


Application & Document Submission
- KOICA regional Office or Korean Embassy
Major and University Admissions
- Universities (Refer to the Program Information)
Other inquiries
- KOICA HQs (Email :
- KOICA Website (

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Administración Pública y Reformas del Sector Público
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