Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics – Changes in the Era of Globalization

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01 de agosto de 2018
November 4 –23, 2018

Application Requirements
Course completion
Each participant will prepare a seminar presentation, which will be reviewed and graded. It should
apply knowledge acquired during the course to a topic in Agricultural and Natural Resource
Economics. Participants are advised to bring with them digitalized data relevant to their countries.
On completion of the course and fulfillment of its requirements, participants will receive
Candidates interested in attending this program require:
 An academic degree (M.Sc. or above) in economics, environmental sciences, Agriculture or
development studies from a recognized university. (A copy of the degree must be included
with the application form).
 An authorized certificate of high level English proficiency or a certificate proving that
English was the language of study.
 A detailed record of studies must be included with application forms.
 A statement of good health signed by the applicant.
 Two letters of recommendation from the candidate's place of work or study.
Cost and application
Scholarships are available from MASHAV (see below) to cover the fee for study. The scholarship
covers tuition, board, lodging, health insurance and travel in Israel required for the purposes of the
program of studies. This fee does not include travel costs to and from the home countries or
incidental expenses.
Application forms may be obtained from the nearest Israeli diplomatic or consular representative or
can be downloaded from the website of the Israel Foreign Ministry, MASHAV Study Programs at:
Completed applications MUST be sent directly to the Israeli representative in your country.

In addition, you must send a copy of the forms in PDF format and not JPEG to
the Faculty by email to

Como presentar su documentación en La Oficina Presidencial de Becas:
1. Presentar toda la documentación requerida por MASHAV, Israel, en forma física
2. Presentar toda la documentación de manera digital en un CD escaneado en formato PDF, documento por documento.

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics – Changes in the Era of Globalization


ACCOMMODATIONS: Single bedroom accommodation in a shared apartment will be provided
in our fully equipped guest house on campus. Meals will be provided. Both laundry (on campus)
and dry cleaning (in town) are at the participant’s expense.
Application forms
Application forms and other information may be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission or at MASHAV’s
Completed application forms, including the medical form, should be sent to the relevant Israeli mission in
the respective country.

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MASHAV, Israel


For further information, please contact:
Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Environment
Address: P.O. Box 12 Rehovot, Israel 76100
Tel: 972-8-9489067

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Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics – Changes in the Era of Globalization
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25 de junio de 2018
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November 4 –23, 2018
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En línea/OPB Oficina Presidencial de Becas