Asset-Liability Management in Banks and Financial Institutions

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24 de junio 2019
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With the deregulation and globalisation of financial markets, banks and financial institutions, including large and reputed banks across the globe, have been exposed to various types of market risks. In particular, the protracted financial crisis was triggered by deep-rooted weaknesses in asset liability management (ALM). As a result, more stringent ALM guidelines have been issued by the Basel Committee. They call for a sharp increase in liquid assets, stable funds and core capital for banks.
The emerging challenges in ALM under greater volatility and regulatory focus require much better skills in market risks measurement and management. Banks and Financial Institutions need to estimate and appreciate the impact of the recent ALM guidelines under Basel III, on business mix, net interest margins and profitability. This programme is being offered to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and technique for transition to a more efficient ALM regime.


- The Government of India grants 1,200 rupees per day for extra expenses.
- The institute will provide study materials such as books, study guides, welcome kit, etc. If the institute requires the student to purchase additional books, such expense will be covered by the Government of India.
- The Government of India helps in cases of health emergency, as long as they are not chronic diseases, in those cases you must take your medications.

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The participants will be able to:
 -Understand the role, scope and relevance of asset-liability management in the overall business management.
 -Appreciate and apply latest tools and techniques for management of ALM.
 -Analyse the operational issues which need to be addressed in order to ensure an effective ALM system.

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Asset-Liability Management in Banks and Financial Institutions
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