Promoting Women Entrepreneurship and Startup

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10 de junio 2019
del 09 de septiembre al 20 de septiembre de 2019
duración: 11 días
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All the physical documentation, an original kit and a photocopy must be submitted to the presidential scholarship office, at which time the Presidential Scholarship Office will process your letter of guarantee, and process the signature of Part II of your Form, then the office will get in touch with you to deliver you a letter of endorsement and Part II of the Form, signed and sealed , and you can then present yourself in a manner digital on a CD, in PDF format all the required documentation to be sent via email.
Required documentation:
- Curriculum Vitae in English
- Justification Letter of Justification: of application in English (describe the usefulness and relevance that the ITEC course will bring to your professional career)
-Identification documents:
Photocopy of personal identification document
Photocopy of American Visa (optional)
Photocopy of Passport
- Letter of recommendation:
Letter of recommendation in English language of the institution where you work
- Study Documents: (each course requires different admission criteria which are available in the course list).
Photocopy of University Degree (it is not a requirement to present it in English)
Photocopy certificate of notes (it is not required to present them in English)
- English language certification (it is available on the ITEC form, submit it with the information requested, signed and stamped by the institution where you studied English)
- Health certificate
Medical certificate (available on the ITEC form, submit it with the requested information, signed and stamped by a doctor)

The participants will be able to:
1. Comprehend the conceptual framework of women entrepreneurship and startup.
2. Discuss essential characteristics/traits of women entrepreneurs.
3. Enumerate the roles and responsibilities of women entrepreneurship and startup trainer motivators.
4. Implement the concept of creativity in enterprises and startups.
5. Comprehend procedure for selecting potential women entrepreneurs.
6. Communicate effectively.
7. Develop skills in conducting entrepreneurial motivation exercises.
8 Understand the procedure for starting a small scale enterprise and startup.
9. Explain need and importance of marketing management.
10. Prepare business plan for identified opportunity.


- The Government of India grants 1,200 rupees per day for extra expenses.
- The institute will provide study materials such as books, study guides, welcome kit, etc. If the institute requires the student to purchase additional books, such expense will be covered by the Government of India.
- The Government of India helps in cases of health emergency, as long as they are not chronic diseases, in those cases you must take your medications.

Descripción de la beca: 

In view of the limited opportunities, which can be offered through wage employment in under developed and developing countries, self-employment/entrepreneurship is being increasingly recognized as a highly viable and effective way to minimize the growing problem of women unemployment as well as under employment.
In order to encourage self-employment/entrepreneurship/ startup as carrier option for women, Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC) and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP’s) and Startup camps need to be organized at Institute level. Such programmes needs to be carefully planned and conducted by competent persons who have requisite capabilities not only to deliver content but also to motivate/counsel students. These faculty members are known as Entrepreneurship/ Startup Trainer motivators.

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Promoting Women Entrepreneurship and Startup
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28 de mayo de 2019
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